The Bigger than Cyber Monday Amazon Sale.

Amazon Prime Day!?

I recently watched a documentary that explored the history of the now enormous shopping website Amazon. It started as a simple idea. Let’s sell some books online. Quickly it grew into the largest book selling site and exploded the used book market. Today Amazon has reshaped the e-ccomerce landscape and products are search 4x more on amazon than on google!

This week marks amazon’s 20th anniversary and there is some talks to some unprecedented DEALS. Their official release claims they will have better deals than the infamous shopper holiday: CYBER MONDAY!

Needless to say I am pumped to see how deep these deals will go. IF I remember correctly, the deals will be released Monday July 15th at Midnight. Apparently this new shopping day will be known as prime day!

Go ahead set a reminder on your phone right now. Who knows what great deals will be available and how fast they will sell out.

One thing to keep in mind. You MUST be a prime member. Good news is that you can simply register a 30-day free trial and get a taste of how awesome shopping on amazon is.

What to expect? You may not know this but amazon purchases and resells 1000’s of their top selling items. Giving them a lot of room to adjust prices down to MSRP. With daily deal sites taking a big chunk of consumer spending from amazon. We might see some flash deals that will pop up throughout the day.

At the very least we know that amazon pays out their online publish promoters around 6% giving quite a bit of room to drop prices site wide if they choose to do something ground breaking like that.

Rumour have it that there will be sales in every category on amazon. If you’ve shopped the site before, you know just how massive the options will be.

Why I do 90% of my shopping on Amazon already.

Amazon was founded on the principle of proving the best possible experience for every customers. A difficult task when a HUGE umber of amazon sellers are independent sellers that have never step foot or been personally screened by an amazon facility.

They do however, accomplish this task and provide the most seamless online shopping experience available. Everything has a refund policy, prices are driven down by extreme competition in almost every category. Reviews keep sellers honest and other rubbers educated on which products are best.

It may seam childish to think that we all deserve the best and will not except anything less. But this is literally my experience every time I shop on amazon. The best toothbrush, the best dog bed the best hair brush….always reviewed, always categorized based on my budget, always delivered within stated timeline.

It’s probably too good actually, slowly causing us all to feel entitled but with the introduction of same day and even 30-minute delivery, I aint going nowhere!

SO if you take one thing from my over the top love letter to amazon, it’s that they have set the standard for online shopping and you should definitely give them a try.

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