How To Buy Clothes Direct From China

China CLothing shipment boat

This post may bring some controversy. It’s no secret. Nearly all of the top clothing retail chains outsource their manufacturing to china. They employ thousands for way less money and feed the economy phenomenon that is the american consumer. the corporation grow, we perhaps save a few dollars but the it seams most posits are scooped up by big business.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m against child labour and believe in asking no more than an honest days work. This is however not the case for a lot of factories in china. SO please, in all your shopping ventures, follow a due diligence process to ensure you are not creating victims by saving a few bucks.

Some businesses have needed to go as far as creating suicide nets to prevent their workers from ending their lives as they see no value left in endlessly working themselves to exhaustion just to get up and do it again.

This is not the case with all factories in china. The reality is, americans are used to a different lifestyle our minimum wage has steadily increased while China has maintained an one for all all for one mentality of work for your family and country before your own well being.

Soo the bad news: Whether we like it or not, free trade laws have created a dynamic where the cheapest, best labour services have driven everything to china…The good news: 2015 has brought more power to the consumer not only to decide whether to support local independent or corporate

With all that being said, I’ll put away my serious face and put back on my shopping heels to let you know todays: What’s Anita’s Deal!?

How To Buy Clothes Direct From China

Several years ago a brilliant founder developed a website called Alibaba. A site where wholesalers can connect directly with merchants all over the world. For example, A Nashville restaurant owner could even order lobsters from Prince Edward Island. More commonly a clothing store in North America can source a branded or private labelled clothing item to purchase and resell at 500% markup in their store.

For years, the risk was huge. Contact a seller in china. Send over a minimum like $1500 and hope they return a quality product in a timely matter. The only secure way to go about this was to fly to china and meet with the seller at the factory to ensure conditions were up to standards and the product would be of high quality.

(Insert movie intro guy voice) Enter… the website the changed international e-commerce forever!

Reach China sellers directly and order SINGLE ITEMS for as low as .25 a piece.

Know that swimsuit that you’ve been eyeing at the mall, the one with the 89.99 price tag. The hottest swimsuit of the season. Head over to Aliexpress. you’ll be looking at more like $8.99.

In fact, half of the “online boutiques” you find being promoted on sites like instagram and twitter are drop shipping directly from this site and making a quick 5-15$ per item.

Cut out the middle man.

Buy directly from wholesalers on aliexpress. The only drawback. TIME. It can and often does take 4-6 weeks for items to arrive from China.

It is, however, totally worth the wait.

Now tell me…when’s the last time a shopping blog sent you straight to manufacturer?

Check back soon as am putting together a post on how to get wholesale pricing from any company you want, even in North America.





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