How To Find Deals on Flights

For todays What’s Anita’s Deal I would like to share my insights into finding cheap airfare for all types of domestic and international travel locations. Consider this my travel tip that is a gift that keeps giving if you’re a traveller like me!

BE as flexible as possible. Do yoga everyday and stretch after every workout so you can fit into ridiculously small nooks and crannies of the plane, like the wheel wells or other passengers luggage….just kidding ;)

What I mean is: be flexible for both times and locations. If you can travel an hour to another airport or even two hours. It is often worth it and will save you 100’s of dollars for simple car ride. Depening on the length of your trip this should have little to no impact on the quality of your travel experience, you’ll simply be launching from a different airport and have a slightly longer ride home when you return.

Contact a local limo company. Find the best airport limo service in your destination area. Occasionally you’ll get on the phone with someone that really knows what they are talking about. These drivers talk to passengers every day that are going to and from the airport. You better bet that they know the most about who is getting a deal, which air mile plans are best, when flights get cheap etc. When I travelled to Ottawa, Ontario I contacted The Ottawa Limo Company and got some great info on a local Canadian airline called porter. I was able to connect in las vegas to Ottawa for almost half the price of these other airlines. I simply took a look at the site they recommended and these Ottawa limo drivers knew exactly what was going on with great flight deals.

Search ACTUAL AIRLINE WEBSITES! I know you’ve been bombarded by dozens of hotwire, trivago, sexy hotel bonanza flight travel package deal zoo orangatang banana slinging red wire pink elephant websites. BUT, the reality is, these websites got into the game to make money from affiliate links to the airlines.

Use the aggregate website to find some promising deals and then go directly to the airline site to cut out the middle man and any fees he may be trying to separate from you and your wallet.

BE a night owl! You know how tomorrow seams  so far away? Well actually tomorrow begins at 12:01 tonight in the eyes of all airlines. So take advantage!


If your flight is cheaper the next day and you aren’t as flexible on dates, simply book a late night flight have a glass of wine, listen to some music, pass out and wake up at your destination like the pro discount traveler you are. Arriving just on time with cheap tickets to the best shows in town in hand!

Use time to your advantage. Know you have a trip well in advance? Tickets are often 4-5x cheaper if you buy them 3 months in advance. Hell! buy yourself an extra one just in case.

If all else fails, scout the American Airlines lines nation wide for an AAirpass. The membership that allows unlimited worldwide flights. Find a person with this, fall in love with them and never pay for a flight again. Practical right!?

Back to timing…and reality. Ometime tickets will drop. If you are booking 3 months in advance pick an airline that offers a low price drop guarantee. This way you’ll get the lowest price that comes out over the next 3 months. This isn’t available form all airline but has been introduced by Westjet and some Southwest flights.

How do you save money on flights? Let me know, contact me here!


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